Thursday, 17 November 2016

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth......

There is a precedent for this sort of thing, ya know
Tis been a rough week for many parts of New Zealand. First the earthquakes quickly followed by widespread flooding. For all her beguiling beauty, Nature is an unpredictable and vicious bitch. But according to the self-styled Bishop Tamaki of the ‘Destiny Church’, New Zealand, the current mayhem represents the wrath of god directed against the sinner. Specifically, the ‘Old Testament’ deity, Yahweh, is punishing the good folk of New Zealand for the heinous sin of homosexuality. Considering that most folk hereabouts are heterosexual it seems a little unfair and downright indiscriminate. But the warrior storm god of the Jews has always been a grouchy, testy sort of deity, prone to much smiting on the slightest provocation. Remember what happened to the Tiptonites?
Arse big sore arse. Arse.

'O woe to the Tiptonites’! 

As soon as the ‘Plague of Ferrets’ becomes manifest I’m buggering off to Australia.
Not as far fetched as you might think


  1. Typical religious fruitbattery. If that was true, the Vatican would be at the bottom of the oggin. So would much of Ireland, especially the catholic bits.

  2. As you have guessed Mr F, I'm not a real fan of religion, regardless of stricture/scripture.

  3. The Tiptonites were led to the promised land of Gornal, weren't they?

    1. Fuck, haven't the Tiptonites suffered enough?