Sunday, 12 June 2016

O, The Dilemma

I think some of the plants on the left are highly poisonous 

This doesn't have the impact as the piccy in my previous post. The plant kingdom lacks a collective and singular nervous system. Dandelions do not feel pain, although they do bleed a milky sap if you cut them. Without nerves there is no consciousness, no feelings of love, hate or pleasure. Therefore, no moral dilemma is involved when we consume a green salad with our medium rare steak. Not everyone would agree though. The future king of England talks to plants, so did George the Third. Of course, George III was as mad as a bucket of frogs in vinegar. I blame Ron Hubbard. Not only did he invent a religion called: 'Ninth day adventurism of the thirteenth apostle bemused by space aliens dressed as cowboys', he also conducted valuable research into the notion of 'plant pain' and concluded that plants did indeed feel pain and disappointment when left out of the herbaceous border. Arse.

Dat gotta hurt

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