Sunday, 23 February 2014

Turn Left at Dudley Castle......

Where the fuck is Tipton? Surely the West Midlands should feature on everyone’s conception of hell. Has the cartographer never been to Dudley market on a Saturday morn? Elysian Fields may be paradise to some but my particular version of paradise featured Mandy Fields from the 5th form of Tipton Secondary Modern circa 1972. O happy days!


  1. Does your missus know about Mandy?

  2. Dioclese, aka: Charon The Cunt, stole my line.
    I once looked at a Bed-sit rental near the Children of the Night station on the Tartarus Line. The local chipper was operated by Welsh cunts and called Fish and Styx, so I thought the better of it.

  3. Abject apologies, Cuddles. Such stealing was entirely unintentional. I'm told you can get a nice kebab in Lemnos - or am I confusing it with Lemnos, Greece? My memory isn't what it was...