Tuesday 6 February 2024

Rantus Maximus

Not on My Doorstep: No Room in the Inn  

I've been watching videos showing the unrelenting horror unfolding at the Mexican-US border. I watch as SUVs drop off dozens of migrants at the border fence. Clearly, this section of the fence is unguarded by US officials, allowing the illegals to pass through an obviously prepared hole. 

Hordes flood over the border every month. Eighty % are young men. The majority of those entering are not oppressed by some evil regime; they are economic migrants seeking a better life. Many find passage to so-called 'Sanctuary Cities' such as New York. They turn up by bus, truck or train. And here they cry sanctuary. New York is obligated, by law, to provide succour to all who arrive. And they arrive in their thousands. But New York is facing a problem. They have run out of space and resources. The hotels/hostels/shelters are full. New York has been forced to operate a 'revolving door' policy. Single men are expelled after one month and families after two. Then they must stand in line with a multitude of others to reapply. These folks are pushed out into the bitter cold that is the New York winter. This is not what they expected. Where is the milk and honey? And weren't the streets supposed to be paved in gold? In an attempt to stem the flow, the mayor has decreed that buses carrying migrants will not be allowed to enter the city.  However, this initiative has proved fruitless as migrants simply swap their bus passes for train tickets. 

The video focuses on a young woman from Venezuela. She is 19 and heavily pregnant. She wails about the arduous journey that has nearly caused her to have a miscarriage. Are we to feel sympathy? We have to ask, where is the wisdom? She has willingly and knowingly exposed her unborn child to the rigours of a long, perilous journey. Personally, I have no compassion for her plight.

The mayor has implored NY citizens to open their own homes to these hapless migrants. Strangely enough, the good mayor has not offered up accommodation in his own palatial residence, 'Gracie Mansion', which comes as a perk of the job. Apparently, he also owns a further two apartments thereabouts. If anyone has the space for these folk, surely it is he. Most New Yorkers struggle to pay the rent on their modest apartments, but not the mayor.  Gracie Mansion is an imposing and majestic home fit for a king or even a mayor. It comes blessed with five bedrooms and 'state' rooms akimbo. Surely, he could cram in at least twenty families, judging by the size of the place. Predictably, the mayor is not opening his doors to the tired and needy but expects his constituents to take in young, restless males who likely speak no English- sounds like a plan/scam.

It seems poor black neighbourhoods are taking the brunt of New York's utopian left-wing, liberal policies. Tempers are becoming frayed as poor citizens queue up for free meals provided by local charity organisations. They turn up to find the line choked with illegals and, sadly, deserving, tax-paying citizens at the back of the queue receive nowt. Even the liberal latte class are starting to chatter, murmur and organise as they find their schools inundated with kids who don't speak god's own language, English. They are also unhappy to find urine and faeces deposited on their normally pristine doorsteps. And, yea, 'Gypo folk' (Steady Flaxen!) are knocking on doors expecting largesse.

Of course, the problem is being mirrored across cities throughout the land. Inexplicably, it's a particularly imposing problem in Democrat-held burgs. I admit I'm not a great fan of the 'Orange One'. He comes across as an egotistic, uninformed moron. That said, I do believe his border wall initiative was a sound solution. It would not come cheap, but how much local and federal dollars are being spent and will continue to be spent dealing with this ongoing crisis? In the end, the money comes from the tax base. New York City is not a cheap place to live. Rents are ridiculously high, and they continue to rise. Unless you belong to the financial elite, you are truly 'Donald Ducked' (Tipton rhyming slang).  It is estimated that you need to earn in the region of $75,000 to $100,000 per year in order to live comfortably in this wondrous city. How ordinary folk earning a minimum wage of $15/hour, which equates to $31,200 per year, get by is beyond comprehension. This assumes that you are employed 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. However, a host of workers in this pay bracket are employed less than 40 hours. A smart move by employers to ensure that workers do not hit 35 hours a week as part-time workers are denied access to mandatory benefits. I'm not going to descend into this particularly slippery rabbit hole concerning minimum wage, etc. Perhaps another time when I've made an effort to educate myself on the myriad of issues involved (maybe not). At this stage, I'm going to plead ignorance. That said, you don't have to be a financial whizz to note that folks on low income are more likely to bugger off to pastures new, leaving those who won't or can't leave to bear the city's tax burden. And don't expect the super-rich to pay their fair share of tax obligation. There is a wealth (pun intended) of loopholes that ensure millionaires/billionaire do not endure their rightful liability- good luck to them, say I. Again, I do not have to be smart to note that the influx of illegals will have revenue issues for the city, and taxes will inevitably increase. Thus, the already financially beleaguered citizens will have to dig deep into their overextended pockets. You can only shear the sheep so much. Overdo it, and they start to bleed.                

This is not just a US issue. The West as a whole is undergoing the same infiltration due to waves of migrants crashing and concussing upon their respective shores. There seems no end to it. What we are seeing is the culmination of the West's liberal, progressive policies that began to be implemented following the end of the Second World War. These so-called progressive policies have been exploited and abused. As stated previously, the majority of migrants flocking to the West are young, unskilled men seeking a utopia that does not exist. We are seeing a degree of pushback, especially in Europe. The Danes and the Poles have lost patience. The Danes, in particular, are waking up to the fact that thousands of Muslims are unwilling to assimilate, thus storing up societal issues for a problematic future! 

Too late, I hear you shout, too fucking late.   


  1. yeah man, and the west is double fucked. Obviously devestating overcrowding by mass-migration - in vast majority non integratable muslims - and the democratic partys are not able or willing to solve or even touch this problem. Their medias even greenwash it as welcome-culture or economical need (for people with no knockledge or interest but the koran incl. jihad?) - making the very best present to rocketlike uplaunching fucking creepy fashist parties. Therefore no one can say something against that strategically planned and well financed invasion, without risking to be blamed immediatly as a bloody nazi. Allah akbah breeds Heil Hitler (satan or the devil left to chose) ... wow, thanks very much..., who expected that in the 60ies?
    Anyway... sweaping is no option. Never surrender. Rock´n Roll !

    1. Hi Josh, Mark makes some very interesting and pertinent points on the topic.

  2. Probably too late for any sort of peaceful solution. Plenty of time for non-peaceful ones though.

    The west, Europe in particular has form. I'm not sure I'd want to be one of these "economic migrants" looking for a "better life" perhaps ten or twenty years from now (or maybe less).

    1. These "elites", so used to just seeing people as just raw material, are playing with forces they think they are in control of, but in truth don't have the remotest idea of what these forces are.

      A book I read many years ago, "the last European war". A gentleman by the name of John Lucaks, a Hungarian-American historian. It dealt with the war in Europe, up until December 41, before the entry of the US changed the whole game. An interesting tome, well worth a read. Lucaks viewed this period as basically a duel between the revolutionary Hitler and the reactionary Churchill.

      Dealing with the med and the Italian naval adventures, describing the Italian naval chiefs views regarding the Royal Navy, which had suffered a degree of neglect in the inter-war years. The Italians with a modern navy, possessing the unsinkable aircraft carrier of Italy itself, approached the conflict with a degree of confidence. As Lucaks put it though, "they saw the poor teeth but had forgotten the remnant strength of the jaw". A striking phrase I've always remembered.

      We are told that the west is finished; weak and degenerate, it will inevitably fall to the "fighting age" males they fetishize (why do they always use that phrase? Degenerate sexual undertones I'm sure, but that would be a post in itself).

      There is no doubt that the infantilization of the populace continues apace and that certainly does lead to moral weakness and selfishness, but there are other aspects of childishness that are too often overlooked: callousness and cruelty.

      It's not the callous and cruel children themselves who will be doing the dirty work of course, but they will likely oversee it. Looking at so many of the worst concentration camp guards, how many of them stuck out before the war?

      There must be tens, hundreds of thousands of ordinary looking people walking the streets who, given the opportunity, are quite capable of creating hell. I suspect the infantilized will let them when they finally realize (apologies for the spelling, US spell checker and I do get irritated by the red underlines!) that they are just cattle like the rest of us.

      The things I hear people say that never get an airing in the sewer of "soshul meeja", or are even acknowledged in the lame stream media.

      These days when I hear certain opinions being expressed, I just can't help wondering if I'm talking to a future camp guard! I used to laugh at this, I really don't anymore.

      There is a screenplay which leads to the "net zero" and "multicultural/decolonized" nirvana.

      I think the actual screenplay will be somewhat different!

    2. The Ultimate realization and the End Game, when it comes, is going to be messy. When it comes to survival, we will see human nature at its, best, worst and cruelest.

  3. one big difference between Churchill´s situation and the threat of today: this invasion - visibly in fullest swing - is not done with tanks and bombers (ok, Putin tries that too. But that´s another story). This war is done with uterus and scrotum, weapons impossible to fight against. For these immigrants a better life in a physical way is less important. They feel and they are meant as Jihad-pioneers - with any reason for their displayed self-confidence, knowing they are going to win. Our situation is much comparable to the fall of the roman empire, when taken over by the Christians. It took about 400 years but there was no escape. Madmen on mission are able to suffer anything.

    p.s.: the Italians in 2nd WW was not even able to conquer tiny Malta in front of their nose. Their navy or their other units were no match to the British. Bernard Montgomery: "the Italians don´t count".