Saturday, 27 October 2018

Flaxen’s Retirement Update

Eggert in repose
Tis four months into my retirement and I have to say I’m not missing work at all. That said, I’m not saying I’ll never work again. Perhaps in a year or so I’ll consider part-time work to fund my hobbies. The last couple of weeks in the Wairarapa have been glorious with unbroken sun with endless hours spent gardening and lawn cutting. Apart from the ‘south field’ the rest of the property has been landscaped with a multitude of tree species interspersed with oases of flower bed in profusion. As it is mid-spring the trees are a riot of blossom and the spring plants have brought forth a rainbow of colour. 

Our Alpacas, curious creatures that they are, seem to seek out our company and enjoy an occasional stroke and hand feed. I’ve been indulging my hobbies and have found plenty of opportunities for archery and bow making. I’m grateful for the metal detector which I purchased 30 years ago as it is an invaluable tool for finding errant arrows in the long grass. 
The weather is about to break and bring much-needed rain to the land. Although the summers are dry in the Wairarapa, this year’s ‘drought’ has come a little early. Greenhouse crops are thriving and the lettuce garnered is a welcome addition to the table. Looking forward to our crop of potatoes and assorted root vegetables later in the year.
The hen house and run have been cleared and cleansed just in time for our Hyline chucks which were delivered today and Mrs S has knocked up an egg laying box complete/replete with polystyrene dummy eggs. Apparently, the faux eggs encourage ‘new layers’ to deposit in the correct area. We will be looking forward to enjoying the eggs from these prolific layers when the hens reach maturity in about two weeks’ time. However, I need to curb my hunting instinct and concentrate on shooting the abundant conies. Rabbits bad chickens good.  Our dog, Mandy, may be more of a problem as she seems mightily impressed with the new additions and circles the pen incessantly looking for a weak spot. Luckily, for the hens, our very crap dog has very few teeth these days. 
Oddly enough the chap we bought the chucks from is called Eggert!
The beer brewing is going well. I bottled 23 litres of an English style bitter on Tuesday and I’m starting a Pilsner lager today. Hopefully, both brews will be ready for Christmastide. My experience with home brewing has been mixed. It seems the longer you leave it the better the taste. There are grape vines and crab apples on site and I’ll be making my own wine and cider latter in the year.   
That’s enough for now as I’m starting to get bored.        


  1. You have only truly retired when you stop counting how long it's been - otherwise, you're still on holiday...

    1. Wise words, MrD- especially from a man who is on permanent holiday, or so it seems.

  2. 23 litres of homebrew? Well, that's Christmas Day & Boxing Day sorted, but what are you going to do for the rest of the festivities?

  3. By then Ted I'll have about 10 batches ready for the festivities.....Hic.

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