Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Random Tuesday Whimsy

Here are just a few random images off the netty to keep me amused on this dreary Tuesday morn

Gary always gets a rise with this one. You are a very naughty boy, Gary

Us men are wretched creatures and due to the biological imperative, sex is never too far from our mind. My wife reckons that my mind can only hold three concepts at any one time: Katy Perry; jelly wrestling and Katy Perry jelly wrestling

I'm a dog man myself

Bloody fidget spinners! This kid obviously slipped in the school playground

Clearly the acolyte has not quite reached enlightenment and eschewed the pleasures of the flesh. Nirvana will have to wait  

Some folk have questionable hygiene practices

 No comment

And finally and predictably: Arse, big fat, ARSE


  1. The monk appears to be holding down his excitement!

    Happy New arse, sorry, Year