Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tiger Pig, Tiger Pig.....

I'll eat the one on the end, last
Ain't, dat cute. A tiger in a Bangkok zoo adopts and nurtures a porcine clutch. Look they even have matching tiger suits or mayhap tis something that is passed in mom's milk. Whilst tigers have been known to rear piglets, and vice versa, the wearing of coats is not necessary. Instinct and smell is all that is required. In fact, the tiger pictured here was raised by a sow. I am not going to state the obvious: 'She is just making them fat for dinner'. She treats pigs as part of her own species and doesn't consider them prey items, also she is very well fed....

The zoo is being investigated over alleged dodgy practises including the exporting of tigers to China. It seems those inscrutable types have been lopping bits off to sell to other inscrutable types. ''Hey, Wang Choo, don't ya know they are an endangered species. Put them in a registered breeding programme and stop putting tiger bits in your 'medicine'Get thee to the Apothecary, like everyone else". Well, not Mrs Edna Mugumbo of 123 Aras Road, Dudley. She swears by Laudanum and she hasn't had a day's illness since she became paralysed in an unprovoked snark attack, c1983. Please, if you are passing her humble abode, and as a matter of mercy, scratch her itchy nose and place some 'Tiger Balm' on her bed sores.  Sore arse.

                                                                Take it away, Les


  1. Tyger, Tyger, burning bright
    On the fairways at firs' light
    I wish I may
    I wish I might
    Have his Ex for sex tonight.

    Obviously from The Tutor.
    The Tutor also tells me that song - Tiger Feet did not make it o'er the Pond to the Americas - he's never heard (of) it before.

  2. Saw Mud a while back. Les Grey looked bloody ill and it was no great surprise that he died about a year later!
    Music was OK tho'

  3. I remember seeing them at a gig at Brum University c1975- they were in their hey day then and had't quite sucumbed to 'rock n roll'.