Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gone with the wind

It has just been announced that Tipton is to be eternally privileged to be the ensconced repository for the appropriately named: Tipton Town's Turbulent Tempestual (definately not a real word) Wind Farm. The turbines will be sequestered in Tipton's Tranquil Valley adjacent to Placid Nook. Commenting on the enterprise, The Mayor of Tipton, the esteemed 'Baby Doc' Vowel, stated that the placing of the turbines on his property was purely coincidental and in no way related to the government subsidy of £2,000,000 per year, that will undoubtedly ensue/accrue to the landlord.

Mr Vowel averred that at maximum output the 'Vowel Money Generating Turbines' will produce at least £10,000,000 over a period of 5 years. It is expected to contribute, not a jot/Watt, to Tipton's power generation. It is a proposition of pure serendipity that 'Mr Khan's Dead Wild Bird Sanctuary' is within striking distance of the 20 turbine complex.

The notorious loud whining which issues forth will come as no inconvenience to those who vote, as the turbines will be placed askew upon a building containing Tipton’s terminally befuddled, auditory unenhanced and disenfranchised, citizenry. Bugger nuts.


  1. "...Tipton’s terminally befuddled, auditory unenhanced and disenfranchised, citizenry..."

    That describes 99.99999999% of 'em.

  2. Perhaps the 00.000000001% escaped to pastures new?