Friday, 17 July 2015

Flaxen Saxon in Paradise

Tomorrow, I fly to the sun-kissed, monsoon bestrewn, shores of Thailand. I escape the ambient 6 degs C of Wellington to merge with the relative balmy 27 degs C of Phuket and environs. Although my resort spa has unlimited and free WiFi, I am under strict instructions, from Mrs FS, that this resource is to be used, sparingly. Actually she wants me to leave my laptop behind, but this is an injunction too far. I am sure I'll find time to write. I can't be out and about every night sampling the local fleshpots, not at my age. But I'll be buggered if I'm going to watch the tele. Television all over the world has become universally awful. Programming is filled with cheap and tacky reality shows which fill me with televisual dread and despair. On those occasions, I shall retreat to the quietude of the Hotel lounge and leave the missus to ingest the Thai equivalent of 'Rate my Big Fat Arse' (arse). Oh, deep joy.

The point I'm trying to make is that posting over the next two weeks may become erratic or none existence. Don't despair gentle readers! I shall return and regale you with exotic tales of an Englishman abroad.

Hopefully I won't have an invigorating experience with one of those 'testicularly endowed women' or get thrown into the 'Bangkok Hilton' for trying to smuggle out a kilo of Viagra sewn into the lining of my shell suit. Only time will tell. Dioclese has full admin rights to the blog and will keep you informed in the event of my demise or unforeseen circumstances of doom.

Mr Mu-Gumby will be accompanying me


  1. Like fuck I will - I'm going on holiday !!!

  2. Have a thoroughly splendid time. Ah, the delights of foreign televisual programming. Italian is dire, German is direr, as for 'Spamovision'...