Thursday 28 March 2024

Wot No News?

Wot No Aliens?

In February of last year, the US and Canadian military conspired and shot down three objects impinging upon their airspace. And good for them, say I. Planes flying at 40,000 feet don't want to needlessly impinge on 'Ford Tipex' sized objects flying at unspecified speeds at the uncanny precise 40,000 feet. Furthermore, the potential 'impedees' (not a real word) were described as 'car-sized', cylindrical, or octagonal and 'flying' at 40,000 feet (unnecessary redundancy). Also, there was the implication that the aerial object was devoid of any visible means of propulsion and appeared 'unmanned'. This occurred around the same time the US shot down a possible Chinese spy balloon. So, what the fuck is going on? Well, the answer is absolutely nowt, according to any media outlet. If an inquisitive mind is so determined to use Gogle to enquire for further elucidation, then intrepid reporters are rewarded by bugger all. Not even a grain of ferret poo. 

Now the beautifully formed and flaxen-haired one is not a great believer in the usual well-trodden conspiracy theories that gain currency amongst the usual fuck wits and aluminium-hatted bedecked fools that fill, unbidden, our streams of consciousness with shit. Please let them have their say, and move on, say I. I am a great believer in free speech, but it needs to be acknowledged that some folk are brain-dead and irredeemable cunts, and as such, should be ignored. These folk sap our very vitals and intellectual marrow and consequently do not deserve our precious time (what is time?).  

So, what is going on?

These objects are not the usual aircraft to which we are accustomed. They have no wings, propellors or visible exhaust from jet propulsion. This leads the 'swivel-eyed' brigade to conclude they must be of alien origin. Personally, I'm not a fan of this sort of reasoning. Firstly, I don't believe we have any solid evidence to support the 'Little Green Men' hypothesis. Indeed, we have no conclusive evidence for any form of life, sentient or otherwise, outside our Earthly home. However, this may change within a short span of time. Scientists are actively searching for biosignatures from exoplanets in far-flung solar systems. They are typically looking for chemicals that are exclusively produced by living organisms. It is not expected to reveal complex sentient life. Perhaps simple bacterial forms may be identified by these studies. That said, there is a parallel programme actively looking for tech signatures that would be indicative of advanced life forms- exciting stuff indeed! I'm starting to digress. Back to it. Furthermore, if these objects were actually alien-designed, they wouldn't be so easily destroyed by our puny fighter aircraft. You would expect an alien civilisation able to build spaceships that can traverse the vast void of the universe to equip their craft with sophisticated defense mechanisms. But no, all three UAPs were shot down and destroyed quite easily. 

When attempting to make sense of these types of phenomena, I invoke the good precepts of 'William of Occam' and apply the rule of parsimony. I am of the opinion that these aloft vehicles are good old-fashioned dirigibles. In other words, cunningly crafted vessels filled with helium, or less likely hydrogen. I suspect amateur pranksters taking a break from making their usual crop circles. As for the lack of further information, maybe there is nothing to say. All craft were shot down over the northern wastes of the US and Canada. If I'm correct, there would be little debris to find after the balloons were destroyed by missiles. The remoteness of the regions involved and winter weather would hamper/hinder any attempts at recovery of the meagre remains. Thus, there is nothing more to say. I still find it odd that there seems to be absolutely zero follow-up information from official sources. And even more strange, there is no commentary at all from the world's curious citizenry.

I would be delighted to hear from my devoted followers concerning this most vexed matter. Opinions, thoughts, speculation, or just random bollocks would be most appreciated.            


  1. I am as sceptical about the todays model of what is known as the universe, as Copernicus was about the model of his age. Science fiction is a lovely genre of entertainment (in better cases with real deep thoughts in) but fictional science is just fooling people to get undeserved advantage by nasty pretenders. For example: The whole rubbish named astro-physics or cosmology is just pseudo-science, invented basically by the Jesuitsin early 20th cent. to establish a theory of a universe where a god as it´s creator seems still possible (what is not in Einstein´s infinite universe). Inspite totally unlogical, they meanwhile fixed it at any university worldwide, by the power of their motherhouse. If people believe in that, or in any other creepy religous mythology, why not in UFOs? Amazing little coincidence: Exactly when the famous Rosswell-UFO went viral in the 50ties, there was a Nazi-jet-engineer named Prof. Miete working at Rosswell airforce-base. He was recruited 1945 by US-forces in operation paperclip and had built an experimental kind of disc-shaped helicopter in the last days of war, that was witnessed flying on a luftwaffe-airfield in Praque Gbell. By the same way. The FBI those days really established a special department for a while to find out, if US society was infiltrated by aliens. Man in black/X-files are not as fictional as they appear to be.

    1. "Georges Lemaitre is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy."

  2. Carl Sagan had a good take on this sort of thinking, summed up in a moment in one episode of cosmos (but please don’t get me started on the Neil de Grasse Tyson reboot).

    He presented two speculative drawings, showing dinosaurs trudging through primeval swamps (as they were believed to have so inhabited when the terrible lizard first began to be recognized).

    One was the frontspiece of Conan Doyle's “lost world”. No need to further elaborate for the erudite souls reading.

    The other however, was the frontspiece of the proceeding of a scientific conference speculating on life on Venus.

    In 1877 the first photographs through a telescope of Venus were obtained, showing complete cloud cover (not a terribly high resolution photo by modern standards and in black and white of course). Subsequent investigations using the new angled spectroscopy suggested the presence of water vapour and oxygen.

    Clouds – humid and rainy – swamps – dinosaurs. Perfectly logical it would appear, but rather constrained towards a conclusion.

    As Sagan put it, “we see nothing – conclusion dinosaurs!”

    How often do I think of this!

  3. The no evidence, therefore...... is a very real scientific reportage technique, especially amongst YouTube content creators.