Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Numbers are fascinating.....

Have just noticed that I've reached the 100,000 viewer mark. My good mate Dioclese counsels caution. Mayhap the recorded numbers are not a true reflection of viewer numbers. A couple of weeks ago I noticed something strange. Normally my blog, on a good day, attracts about 150 viewers. Imagine my astonishment when it suddenly went up to 1,600 a day! It maintained this hit rate for a week before descending to more credible levels. 

I'm a relative novice to the 'blogging game'. The Chronicles has been running for just over two and a half years and during that time I've contributed about 430 posts. Let's be honest, my blog sits in the rare niche category. My eclectic mixture is not for everyone and even my regulars would admit that my humour is an acquired taste and most of it appeals to my warped sense of humour, only. But for me, writing is therapeutic and cathartic. After a long hard day I enjoy writing on topics which I find interesting and sometimes intellectually challenging. I'm not someone who can do nothing. I have to be profitably engaged and that means writing. Mrs Saxon bemoans my diligence to the craft and thinks I should spend more time doing DIY or at least giving her back rubs.  

I began my online writing journey about four years ago. By total accident I came across a blog called, 'Max Farquhar'. Some of my readers will no doubt recall the site. Sadly, the blog is no longer current. About two years ago, the author stopped contributing and the blog slipped into a slow but steady demise. Anyway, in its heyday MF was a site for those folk who could and would think for themselves. It was a revelation for me at the time and opened new and profitable avenues of thought. I contributed a few articles and at one stage I had my own regular feature spot: 'Flaxen Saxon, Agony Uncle'. The platform gave free vent for my bizarre and often surreal sense of humour. I conversed with a few good folk during that interlude, mostly mad old curmudgeons like myself. One of the abiding relationships forged during that time was with Dioclese. We have kept in close touch over the years and met briefly in Wellington during Diocese's many jaunts across the world. And indeed, Mr D helped to set up the site and is responsible for all the techy behind the scene stuff. I confess I am as about as techy as a packet of cheese 'n' onion crisps and therefore I am more than happy to devolve this stuff to my mate. I'm just the creative genius.




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  1. One of the main people there, Microdave, still contributes to nourishing obscurity.