Thursday, 1 September 2016

Men are rather simple creatures, honestly

There was a man who had three girlfriends, but he did not know which one to marry. So he decided to give each one $5000 and see how each of them spent it.

The first one went out and got a total makeover with the money. She got new clothes, a new hairdo, manicure, pedicure, the works, and tells the man, "I spent the money so I could look pretty for you because I love you so much." The second one went out and bought new golf clubs, a CD player, a television, and a stereo and gave them to the man. She said, "I bought these gifts for you with the money because I love you so much." The third one takes the $5000 and invests it in the stock market, doubles her investment, returns the $5000 to the man and reinvests the rest. She says, "I am investing the rest of the money for our future because I love you so much."
The man thought hard about how each of the women spent the money.
Finally, he decided to marry the one with the biggest tits.

My wife reckons I can only hold three concepts in my head at any one time. Usually this is:
1. Katy Perry
2. Jelly wrestling
3. Katy Perry jelly wrestling
Of course, in no particular order

Men are simple folk and not prone to over thinking where the fairer sex are involved. Evolution makes us this way. Well, that's my excuse 


  1. A friend's dad wasn't that struck on large racks, saying to him, "Anything you can't get in your mouth is a waste."

    1. A feast for the eyes but not the mouth.

  2. I'm with the friend's dad about that.

  3. Friend's dad is a wise man, as always.

  4. We used to say, " Anything more than a Standard British Hand-full is a waste"

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