Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Martin Scriblerus

As my diligent readers will have noticed I've added a new badge to my site: 'Martin Scriblerus'. Actually I didn't add it personally I leave that sort of thing to my partner in this enterprise, the good Dioclese. 

The group is a loose federation of bloggers united in fellowship and mutual support. We are not united by philosophy or any 'ology' for that matter. We simply enjoy writing and expressing our thoughts and opinions in a world gone mad. I would venture to say that most of the 'merry band' are libertarians but I'm wary of classification as I suspect that most of the crew will defy being placed in a box limited by dimensions- ever tried to herd cats? If anything, we are about free expression and thought and give scant regard to those who would impose restrictions on our ideals and hard won freedoms whether it be governments or other individuals.  

I know most of the other members as I often frequent their blogs for enlightenment and comment. The blogging world can be a small place especially if you seek quality. The blogs I read are a diverse bunch although the authors have some characteristics in common: they write well; they make me think harder; they are not afraid to express strong opinion and they make me smile.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble and digress. I suggest you check out the site for yourselves. And if you run a blog of your own, sit tight in anticipation of an email. You just never know........





  1. Indeed, Sir. Regretfully, I wouldn't have the time to write my own blog and in anycase, anything I would wish to spout is generally expressed rather better by yourself, Dioclese, Longrider and the other Scriblerus bloggers, all of whom I visit - and one or two more as well.

    As I (like Longrider) have cats, I would add to the list that when you think you're successfully herding your cats, close examination of the situation will generally show that the cats are in fact, herding you!

  2. Don't sell yoursef short Ted, everyone has a story to tell and I think you would do rather well.