Sunday, 7 August 2016

Bad Grampa Part II

Grampa lets me burn stuff 

My golden haired daughter dropped off her offspring the other day. She said she was going shopping and would be back in an hour- but we both knew it was a big fat, mendacity. I winked at my six year old granddaughter and she winked back. And so we had a wonderful granddaughter-granddad bonding session. We read books, watched videos and performed some amateur chemistry. At one point I taught her to write ARSE with the fridge magnets. Her mom came back after three hours full of fripperies and sundry items. True to form my beautiful granddaughter showed mom her fridge magnet extravaganza. Eyes rolled and I received 'the stare'. "That's the last time I leave you with Flaxena" (not her real name), she hissed. Humpph! But we both know this is not the case as my daughter loves to shop and Flaxena's father is a real piece of shit. Next time I'll teach her some more addled wisdom and lore. One day my daughter will thank me for my diligence. And anyway, Flaxena is a smart little basket and can see through 'Mad Gramps' eccentricity to profit from my distilled sagacity, even if it interspersed with a few moments of frank insanity. Arse.

This sort of thing tends to travel through the generations. Read this and weep: Bad Grampa.





  1. Butter wouldn't melt.... :-)

  2. It is our duty to spoil them rotten, teach them how to climb trees, kitchen "science" and above all...
    To grow old as disgracefully as possible.
    Remember growing older is compulsory, growing up is entirely optional.

  3. Tis true Michael. If anything we should teach them to remain children for the rest of their lives.

  4. O/T: welcome on board the good ship / longship Martin Scriblerus!

  5. Thank you Sackerson, it is an honour to belong to a federation of independent thinkers.

  6. Indeed welcome to the Scribblers club. I'll stick the badge on for you when I get home at the weekend. Still in Yorkshire and it's pissing down. Arse!

    1. Thanks Mr D. As you know I'm as techy as a dead ferret.....

  7. I can see the humour in her face. She will go far.