Thursday, 15 October 2015

Toilet Brush

I usually put toothpaste on mine
Apparently, some researchers at a mere slip of a university have discovered that most tooth brushes in communal bathrooms are contaminated with faeces. Now some time ago I remember reading an 'Urban Myth' about a biker gang/burglars who shoved the toothbrushes of a family, who had transgressed the 'unwritten law', up their arses. Those of a sensitive disposition can read it here.

Due to the 'aerosol effect' a cloud of fine water particles are propelled throughout the bathroom each time we flush. Each particle is a tiny receptacle for a minute piece of poo. Eventually the droplets, with hitchhikers, are distributed over the entire area. Thus your bathroom is a seething mass of shit. And where there's shit there's bacteria, especially faecal coliform bacteria. Ingesting these bacteria will do you no harm as they are present as commensals in the normal gut flora. This doesn't exclude the possibility that nasty pathogenic bacteria are also hitching a ride......

Frankly I'm not convinced. If you look hard enough you will find all manner of supposedly nasty things lurking in the shared environment. Perhaps it is better not to look. We seem to live in an increasingly sanitised world- or so we think. Unfortunately not challenging our immune system to all manner of organisms can result in an immature immune system unable to cope with serious assaults. May the watchword be: 'A strong immune system is a tested immune system'. The First World's obsession and susceptibility to allergies and asthma is due to their mewlings not being allowed to play in dirt and eat crap. Apparently, I have a scar on the back of my eye (choroid) which is due to an ingestion of cat faeces whilst a toddler. Now look at me: a fine physical specimen, taut, vibrant and tall as a tree etc. 

I distinctly recall as a child playing in the coal shed and being covered in grime and coal dust from head to toe. I was well known for it the neighbourhood and affectionately known thereabouts as, 'Blond Nigger.'

If you are really bothered by shit in your bathroom you would be well advised to put down the toilet seat after flushing. Maybe my wife has a point after all......       


  1. Cat Shite?
    As a toddler, I ingested the entire cat - many cats. We in Myanmar are smart enough to know NOT to eat excrement - and also possess parents who love us enough not to feed it to us. The Tutor tells me that his sister, when she was young, mistook rabbit droppings for raisins - she married a catholic and now runs marathons in her very late 50s! Devastating long-term result from ingesting shite I reckon. He also tells me that at age 12 he got her to drink a glass of his pee - still warm he says - telling her it was apple juice. The sister is none too swift

  2. ".....The First World's obsession and susceptibility to allergies and asthma is due to their mewlings not being allowed to play in dirt and eat crap......"

    You are entirely correct. I lived in a Fraternity - research National Lampoon's "Animal House" for an idea of what it was like for four years(1974 - 1978) - and ate nothing but cheap sausages. These sausages are made with all manner of beasts, birds, insects, reptiles, protists etc. In North America they are called "Hot Dogs". I figured I had been inoculated against all known - and unknown - pathogens for life. I do not even catch a cold now. Disease free all the time.


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