Saturday, 28 June 2014

Every one Loves a Sinner, Repentant

                 Mother Teresa                                                  Discarded Foreskin

Mother Teresa has been universally lauded and acclaimed for her supposed selfless ministrations to the poor and sick. Her benevolence and unceasing work in third world countries earned her the ultimate accolade of the Nobel peace prize in 1979. The image promulgated in the popular mind and fostered by the Catholic propaganda machine, was that she was a simple, devout nun with a pious devotion to Christ and to the poor. Well this is the official story, however, the reality turns out to be a little more sordid and worldly. Read on and weep.

It appears that for all Mother Teresa’s protestations to the contrary, she was fully grounded to this wicked and secular world. On more than one occasion she sided and supported odious individuals and sundry despots. The wretched Duvaliers who wantonly despoiled Haiti until overthrown in a popular up welling of despair in 1981, were treated to a personal visit from the beatific Teresa. She praised their regime and called these vicious dictators ‘friends’ of the poor.

Remember Charles Keating? Mr Keating, a fundamentalist Catholic, was convicted of fraud resulting in the loss of the life savings of trusting investors. As he was awaiting sentencing, Mother Teresa had the arrogance and temerity to write to the prosecutor, Mr Paul Turley, requesting clemency. Of course, this had nothing to do with Mr Keating’s $1.25 million donation to Mother Teresa’s Foundation. In his reply, Mr Turley rightly pointed out that as the ‘Keating donation’ represented stolen money it would be appropriate for this money to be returned. Mother Teresa returned not a cent. I suppose you could argue that this money would be better spent on the sick providing quality medical care for the poor in poor countries. But apparently this was not the case. While millions of dollars lay sequestered in various bank accounts, earning interest, the poor continued to be treated, well poorly.

You just know something is wrong when a patron of a hospital is quoted of saying: “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s passion. The world gains much from their suffering.”  What an interesting statement and doctrine. But you have got to ask how anything positive can come from suffering. If this doctrine doesn't make you sick, you must be a Catholic. In spite of the large donations given to further her work, Mother Teresa kept all her institutions chronically underfunded and destitute of modern health care and above all medicines. Medical doctors who visited her institutions described her facilities as ‘barbaric and unsanitary’.

And yet when we come to actual physical suffering, Mother Teresa became miraculously exempt. When she became sick, instead of being treated in her own devised and pain filled ‘hospitals’, she miraculously manifested to a modern Western facility, receiving the best  medical care.

A paedophile priest who had abused his position of power and who molested boys, over decades, and had been suspended from duties gained Mother T’s particular favour. She seemed more concerned with his succour of the parishioners than his sucking off of young boys. She wrote to the senior ecclesiastic involved: “He has admitted imprudence in his behaviour…. I must say , however, that I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry as soon as possible.”  Of course, when you see ‘imprudence’ you should read, through Catholic goggles, ‘ buggering young boys.’ Unfortunately, the good Frater was reinstated, and true to form, continued to bugger young boys. To the great chagrin of Mother T the bad Frater was subject to secular justice, eventually, but not before destroying more young lives. Luckily for the choir, the Frater is now serving 20 years in the ‘Big House’ and I fervently hope is being ‘sausaged’ daily by ‘Bubba’, in C wing.   

So there we have it. A Catholic Saint, or a sadistic, paedophile loving, much grounded in this world, filthy hypocrite. Only you can decide.

For my mind, and if there is a god, which I doubt. But if I am wrong, and there is a god, and if justice is to be served, I truly and fervently hope, that she is barking in hell.  


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  1. Interesting analysis. I've been to Calcutta and visited her premises and seen her grave. A very grand grave it is, inside her mission. Attracts loadsa tourists.

    Her own accommodation was extremely basic and sparse. A simple wooden bed, a small writing table and a chair. That was all. As regards how she lived, she certainly didn't spend the money on herself although I take your point about the medical attention she received. Mind you, I don't think she paid for it.