Saturday, 9 April 2016


We are staying here, O calamity. 

The pert and perfectly formed one is buggering off to Bali for a well-earned rest. We arrived in Brisbane Australia this morning. As I write, I'm sitting in the sun, drinking beer, in my Scouse friend's house on the 'Gold Coast'. Life is good. Tomorrow morn we fly to Bali.

I suspect blogging will be intermittent and subject to caprice and whim in a good and steady measure. Mayhap I will have more important things to attend to. Who really knows? Certainly not your gracious host.  


  1. Mrs D reiterates "NO BLOGGING ALLOWED! YOU'RE ON HOLIDAY!!!!!"

    'tis she who must be obeyed or Askey will be joining you to sing the Busy Bee song... Arse!

    1. Not the Busy Bee song! I couldn't face it. Arse.

  2. One's envy knows no bounds:- anyway, enjoy and return fully refreshed.