Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Rise of the Stench People

                                           The local Kindergarten is getting tough

Be wary, be alert, be cognisant. For the stench people cometh. Next time you are on the bus, surreptitiously sniff the armpits of the person adjacent to you. If your olfactory organ is assailed by a malodorous odour, then you may have found one of the mysterious stench people. They usually abide in places with scant hygiene facilities. Sometimes, they are surrounded by soap, deodorant and heady perfumes. But by a titanic force of will they eschew cleansing and choose a life of noisome fetor.

There is no cure. No palliation. Stench folk can only be purged by fire. If you are confronted by a ‘stenchy’ then place them on a pyre and burn unto ash. Spray the ash with Lynx deodorant and cast to the four winds  

 Arse, big smelly arse.   

1 comment:

  1. My poor bloody dog stands no chance at all ...

    He's already been threatened with legal proceedings for chemical warfare.