Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Beware of bears bearing no underwear should be the watchword for any prudent individual. Methinks piglet should be justifiably worried. A bear in musk is frightening to behold. Hang onto the nearest tree root Piglet and think nice, fluffy, pink thoughts. Nothing lasts forever.

As for Pooh, he is a very naughty bear and I'm sure he will show appropriate contrition once the white heat of the mating season disperses like a fart on a windy day. Advice to Piglet: find a nice cool mountain stream to sit in and idle away the hours in quiet rumination and contemplation. Next time Pooh comes a calling with testicles unfettered, run fast and far away and don't stop until Pooh bumps into a wood nymph or a slow moving mammal.  


  1. But who would want poo in their pants?

    1. That's why at my age you can never trust a fart.....