Sunday, 23 August 2015

Onward and upward

I've been invited to become a feature writer at an online science magazine, called 'Relatively Interesting'. The site is a show case for articles on, not unsurprisingly, science. It is dedicated to debunking the irrational and woolly minded thinking which passes for 'truth and profundity', these days. My first article will appear next week. This means I will have to write sensibly. The editors will not allow the occasional, gratuitous, 'Arse'. Tis a pity, as the occasional interposed 'arse ' can add weight and gravitas to an otherwise mundane article. Also they are not too keen for me to write/rant about a certain one legged, long dead and vertically challenged, British comedian whose name escapes me. The only thing which will be allowed to pass through the filter of the eagle eyed editorial team is sensible stuff and shit. There will be no mention of Mr Mugumbo, at all, unless my medication runs out. Anyway, when my article is published I'll post the link. Arse.