Saturday 7 February 2015

Waitangi Day: The reprise

That's a bit rude

Yesterday, in New Zealand, we suffered the indignity of 'Waitangi Day'. On this day, in 1840, the British signed a treaty with the Maori tribes. We are now saddled with this legacy. The British of the time must have gone soft and thereby deviated from standard  colonial policy of sending the 'choco' off to an early grave through the medium of Brown Bess and the bayonet. We missed a golden opportunity especially as the Maoris were armed only with pointed sticks and assorted fruit baskets.

Although the Maori comprise only 15% of the population they are responsible for much of society's ill. A brief look at the weekly 'Crime Watch' programme reveals a cascade of mug shots comprising solely of Maori folk. The unending commentary inevitably drones on: "The offender(s) is/are described as Maori or Pacific Islanders."

The white lilly livered liberals are always bewailing and bemoaning that society has somehow failed the Maori, even though they are subject to appalling positive discrimination. Even with all the government schemes and incentives, they still don't do well at school and in society in general. We need to stop making excuses for the Maori. If they are subject to poverty then they need to take action and responsibility and not to expect hand outs from the government and ultimately, the tax-payer. And so I could go on...........

Says it all really- Arse
Oh, by the way, Waitangi Day is the only day you can legally shoot Maoris, or is it Possums- I confess, I often get the two buggers confused. Unfortunately due to my confusion I never know how deep to dig the bloody holes. Arse. I've digressed


  1. Sounds a bit like the monthly Crimewatch mugshot round up except they all seem to be of African or Asian descent, although I must admit the poles are making headway.

  2. Indeed Kath. Makes you want to cry.

  3. I visited the Treaty Grounds. It pissed down with rain all the time I was there. Says it all really...