Sunday, 27 April 2014

Kim Jong-Un is a Cunt

                       Does this uniform make my head look fat?

What can I say, this cunt's dynasty is enough to give nepotism a bad name. He's a fat, ugly slope with a dodgy haircut. In fact the glorious North Koreans leader’s haircut is a stunning tribute to his Stalinist regime. It has minimal style and yet remains vaguely functional. Surely we can’t argue with a man who received 100% of the votes in the election. Now that is what I call democracy in action.


  1. Such disrespect for the Supreme Leader..... How could you?

  2. A representative from the glorious government of North Korear has requested I take this post down. Otherwise the North Koreans will launch a barrage of missiles at my decadent homeland of New Zealand.

  3. May I suggest a brief diplomatic note ?

    "Dear Supreme Leader of the People Democratic Republic of Korea,

    Fuck you! Do your worst!"

    New Zealand is out of range anyway...