Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Napalm and the Joys of Jelly Wrestling

For today's image, I have to thank Ted Treen, one of my regulars and fellow Black country lad. He saw this image and immediately thought of me. Can't think why?

Now my readers have probably guessed by now that I'm drawn to bright shiny things and fire. Nothing pleases me more than to set alight to shiny things, except perhaps, jelly wrestling. I'm inclined to combine the two passions by infusing the jelly with petroleum products thus making napalm, arguably the most sublime of chemical concoctions. The whole ring would be a heaving conflagration and although the protagonists would weave and bob in a futile effort to prevent being consumed- naught would avail and the whole arena and vista would be aflame and aglow for a thousand years..........Actually, I'd probably be happy with a light singeing: stage and wrestlers alike. The problem being, of course, is that napalm is a rather sticky and cloying compound and it is difficult to assuage its ire/fire. My father learned this snippet of information, to his detriment, during the Korean war in the 1950s. Bless him.

Fun for the whole family


  1. Tween?? TWEEN???

    Obviously - in Flaxen's wattle & daub edifice** - deslyxia lures, KO?

    **Nostalgia for Tipton, no doubt,

  2. OOPS. Accept humble apologies, Ted. I feel an amendment imminent if not sooner.

    1. It's the lack of Bathams/Holdens/Banks's.

    2. All of the above- in descending order. I confess, I do miss a refreshing pint of Black Country Ale.......

  3. I had long since thought one of your most influential mentors was Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Apocalypse Now) but were you inspired by the line “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” or did he steal the line from you?