Saturday, 10 February 2018

Flaxen's Random Images of Redemption

Of course double standards is the way to go. Frankly I'm so upset that I'm going to burn down a Mosque and then a Church.  Should even things out, eh?

And here is the true message from the 'religion of peace'. Do not doubt that Islam is a barbaric and primitive religion. Born from the Dark Ages, it should reside within the realm of the dark where the light of reason doth not shine. It has no right in a developed society based on the fruits of the scientific method. Tis an anachronism, but a dangerous one. And yet we allow these people to flood over Europe's borders. The West will rue the day it let those of an alien culture and mindset insinuate into the fold.

Yea, the liberal left is full of hypocrisy. Regardless of the agenda, they will only tolerate their own agenda. Anything that involves contrary discourse is shut down, where possible, thus denying free speech. Disagree with a leftie, and except voluble and violent disagreement. Sensible discourse is not allowed with anyone with the temerity to mount dissension. Merit and facts accord for nowt and expect to be cow towed with the usual emotive words, such as: racist, sexist, misogynist and fascist. What a wretched bunch of twats.     

How times have changed, but not for the better....

Shagger as a babe, with siblings

To soothe my heaving breast


  1. Do not doubt that Islam is a barbaric and primitive religion.

    Islam is not a religion: it is a violently aggressive expansionist political ideology, given a veneer of distorted judaism which enabled the original founder(s) to recruit adolescent and older armies, who revelled in the fact that they had divine blessing to slaughter any who resisted and their treating female captives as sexual playthings was the done thing.

    A mediaeval goatherder's wet dream!

    1. Isn't this the worse? And what direction are the parents giving to vulnerable children? I hate child abuse with all my heart and mind. To desicrate a young innocent child, the perpetrater is deserved of death.