Monday, 7 August 2017

Philosphy in a 'nut shell'

Philosophy is an interesting topic to expand the mind. But let us be frank: it offers no constructive or concrete answers to life or our physical existence. Tis an intellectual toy. Most of the answers asked are of the sort that can't be answered. No longer life light bulb is created and there is no mechanical device that saves space and time. So why bother to pursue simple, sublime philosophy? Yea, here is the great conundrum. As a professional scientist, I have no truck with the irrational. Philosophy is a halfway station between scientific rationalism and the frank irrational. Thus to gain knowledge from philosophy is like entering a mine field. Tread very carefully. And if you happen upon a bomb, don't forget to catch the severed foot (modern surgery can achieve so much if you get to sophisticated medical facilities, quickly). Retreat carefully and take another path.

Personally, a deep reading and contemplation of the Great philosophers is not about uncovering empirical knowledge. Nay, for me tis a method of thinking. It allows plasticity of thought which is endearing and helps solve scientific conundrums by approaching problems from a different stance and aspect. Most scientists and lay folk are ignorant of philosophy. Tis a great shame as the enquiring and diligent thought processes engendered by philosophic thought can clear the mind and offer new avenues for intellectual direction. If the endeavour leads to a dead end, then pick a new philosopher/philosophy. There are many to chose from and most of the doctrines are complete shit.


  1. “To be is to do" - Socrates

    "To do is to be" - Sartre

    "Do Be Do Be Do" - Sinatra

  2. Flax old bean,
    Where is the acerbic biting rejoinder?

    1. As you are no doubt aware Ted, I'm complex. Some days I'm lively and full of vigour/Viagra and some days I am a mountain lion called Gerald living in Liberace's basement subsisting on glitter and used tissues. And then there are days I actually take my prescribed medication. Today is not that day. Arse

    2. I know you're complex: you're a thinking, rational and intelligent emotional human being - and this naturally varies in its makeup from day to day.

      Remove all these fine qualities and what you be?

      Answer: Probably a politician.

  3. Very funny Ted. And don't forget scruples and a moral compass....

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