Thursday, 8 June 2017

Operation Snowflake

There is a part of society, mostly young, but not exclusively so, that are self centred, self seeking,  unrepentant and entitled. They criticise the older generation: we have destroyed economic security; we have robbed the wealth so the young will remain poor; we are smug hypocrites that secretly control the world! Haha, haha haha, haha (that's supposedly diabolical laughter). They seem to forget that the vast majority of us older folk are entirely powerless to affect and influence wider economic forces. If we have economic security it's because we worked bloody hard for it.  We, as a collective, have not conspired to ensure that younger generations are economically shafted. Destiny lies within the hands of the individual. The world is indeed a tough place, but it has always been so. No one profits from whining. Endeavour and hard work are no guarantee to success, but sitting on your arse whingeing and moaning achieves nowt but frustration and inaction. Go do shit.


  1. Mrs D says that it makes a change for you to say something worthwhile - and right!!!

    Fuck 'em! Let 'em eat cake!

    I say this today before the Corbynistas round me up on Friday and sent me to the country to be re-educated. I'm hedging my bets as I'm writing this from Corsica...

  2. Yea MrD- tell MrsD not to get too excited. My next post will be completely out there, although it does feature 'fidget spinners'.

    As for your exile- stay a while. From where I sit its looking like a 'hung' Parliament. Shame not happening to some of the politicians. At least the SNPs got stuffed.